AVP Hospitality Private Limited is a professional organisation committed to making a mark in the Food & Beverage landscape of Delhi/NCR.

The group and its promoters have the experience of managing 4 brands under its umbrella namely :

At, Cream of the Crop, we truly believe that simply providing good food is only half the job done.

Service forms the core of our product, and we treat this aspect with the seriousness it deserves, to ensure an experience that a client cherishes.

Our corporate philosophy hinges on the following : Well trained, qualified and motivated staff

Well informed vendors Best practises in business for customers, staff , vendors and stake-holders.

Best Catering Services in Delhi NCR

Constantly innovating, creating and redefining the way of serving luscious food combined with efficient catering services in New Delhi, COTC is setting higher benchmarks for others to follow. We pride ourselves in being the best outdoor caterers and aim to maintain our high standards for any type of function, be it small family gatherings, lavish wedding receptions, office functions or birthday parties. Our name is synonymous with effective successful party planning and seamless event management.

We understand our customers' varied requirements and tastes. Our huge repository of expertise and knowledge enables us to ensure that we provide the best catering services.

We provide a complete comprehensive outdoor catering services including serving a various range of foods and drinks coupled with our outstanding services with the support of highly trained staff. Our catering services are available in Delhi NCR and New Delhi.

COTC is well- versed as wedding caterers with a touch of class. We offer tasteful and carefully prepared buffets with a selection of menus as per our clients' choice.

With a multi-service offering that covers delicious Food, wonderful People, superb Services and awe-inspiring Presentation, COTC is indeed a world-class player.

Any event or celebration of yours assumes equal importance to us. Serving guests is what we really enjoy and we'd like to think we can help you to savour the occasion!