Cream of the Crop is spearheaded by four Directors:

Mr. Vikram Singh

Managing Director
F&B Industry Experience of 15 Years

Vikram Singh is entrusted with the day-to-day operations of the organization. He handles the complete chain of events from pitching to the client, finalizing the party after various meetings with the client to understand the requirements of the client and suggest appropriate solutions so as to make a memorable event. He makes sure the execution is perfect and each guest attending the event is satisfied along with the host. After the successful culmination of the event, he seeks customer feedback to ensure Cream of the Crop is up on its game with valuable suggestions taken from the esteemed guests. He coordinates among various departments of the organization for complete harmony and best results. He keeps pushing the Training and Development teams to innovate and better the product every single time. He feeds on challenges and makes sure all the situations in the organization are dealt appropriately and for the betterment of the organization. He ensures best trade practices are followed and we exceed the client’s expectations every single time.

Mr. Ashish Ahuja

Graduated from SRCC, Delhi University with F&B Industry Experience of 25 Years

Ashish Ahuja is the Chairman of the group and he guides the whole organization to thrive for the best. His vast experience and exposure to varied tastes and the eye for that X-factor brings tremendous gains on the table. Apart from guiding the organization on the product he also ensures that the financial goals are met and sets very high standards for the whole organization. He is a taskmaster and a perfectionist and his ideas are the bedrock on which this whole organization thrives and excels. He makes sure he keeps pushing the envelope for the rest of the team to outperform and achieve greater heights

Mr. Abhishek Ahuja

Director Operations
Hotel Management from IHM Bangalore with F&B Industry Experience of 20 Years

Abhishek Ahuja with his vast experience in the hospitality space spearheads the service and production part of the Company. From recruiting the best master chefs and servers and enrolling them in his rigorous training modules. He ensures that Cream of the Crop is synonymous with bespoke catering experience. He is the cornerstone of the high standards we set out in the catering space in Delhi NCR. He ensures his troops perform to the best of their abilities and also keeps them motivated at all times.

Mr. Puneet Ahuja

Director Admin and Finance
Graduate from Delhi University with F&B Industry Experience of 25 Years

Puneet Ahuja makes sure Cream of the Crop operates like a well-oiled machine. He is the man behind the scenes. From making sure the best ingredients are procured at the lowest possible cost. He handles the entire accounts of the organization and in the process makes sure the best trade practices are adhered to and all parties concerned are working with the single-minded approach of delivering the best product and service at the lowest possible cost. From running periodic Quality Checks and audits he ensures that the high-quality standards are maintained and the business is run ethically and efficiently. Apart from making sure that the wheels don't come off he also makes sure that the product is of the highest quality. He keeps on doing research and brings on the table his vast experience and exposure to the various cuisines across the globe to satisfy the well-traveled discerning gourmand.